2017 Federal Budget

March 23, 2017

The Liberal government delivered its second fiscal budget after the market closed on Wednesday. Here is a simplified list of who are the winners and losers from its plan:


  • Investors: Speculation for the past several weeks suggested that an increase in the capital gains inclusion tax from 50% to 66% or 75% was a possibility. No changes were made. In addition, the government has eliminated Canada Savings Bonds.
  • Cities: $11 billion of previously committed infrastructure for affordable housing was announced.

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U.S. Raises Interest Rates

December 16, 2016

U.S. Raises Interest Rates

What happened and what it means to you.

Yesterday as expected the US fed raised their target federal funds rate to 0.75%. In her speech Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen stated that “Job gains have been solid in recent months and the unemployment rate has declined” in addition inflation has increased “considerably”. These are good signs that the economy is recovering at a strong pace than expected at the beginning of the year. They believe that it is growing strong enough that the Federal Reserve anticipates another 3 raise hikes before 2018 and continue into 2019, eventually bringing the US fed fund rates closer to their long-term average. This means the US will still experience below average interest rates for the next 2 years.

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Annual Client Appreciation Ferrari Event

September 1, 2016


Annual Ferrari Event – Toronto

We are happy for all those that came out to the Annual Client Appreciation Ferrari Event brought to you by Echelon Wealth Partners and LK Wealth Management. It was a great event that allowed our clients to indulge in the luxury that the Ferrari brand offers. For some, it was their first time in a Ferrari, but for others it was just another time they stepped foot in these great machines. It was also a good evening to mingle and also see the great car collection that was part of the event.

We look forward to see you at next year’s event along with the other events that we will launch shortly. These will include social outings like the Ferrari event and educational events that bring in local experts to answer your questions, may it be about the market, financial planning, wealth preservation, tax and others. Below we posted some of the photos from the Ferrari event for your enjoyment.

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