Our approach is to simplify your life by meeting all of your wealth management needs in one place.  As your advisory team, we pull all of the pieces together to provide you with a complete picture and an overall perspective that integrates all aspects of your circumstances. Together, we will work with your other financial professionals or you may choose from our select network of experts to create a tailored wealth plan to build towards your goals.

Our Planning Process Steps

1. Listening to You

Learning what is important to you and clearly explaining our process and philosophy.

2. Gathering Data

Collect relevant information.  This is similar to going to the doctor and getting an x-ray or an MRI.

3. Develop Future Goals and Objectives

Clarify and define goals and objectives as well as potential obstacles along the way.

4. Research and Consult

In addition to our expertise, we provide additional access to our team of experts to formulate tax, insurance, and estate planning strategies.

5. Develop your Tailored Strategy

Present a financial plan that encompasses the key aspects of your life and provides a clear roadmap to achieving your goals.

6. Implement Plan

Some strategies will be implemented right away, other later on but we have created a plan of action that will serve as a guide for the present and the future.

7. Monitor Progress

Monitor progress and update plan to maintain focus on personal and financial goals.

*Insurance products and services are offered though Chevron Wealth Preservation Inc.

People who receive financial advice accumulate significantly more financial wealth, are better protected, and are better prepared for retirement and unexpected events than people who do not receive advice.

Our team keeps you up to date with your portfolio and monitors your progress through your pre-retirement plans in to your retirement, making adjustments along the way.

Let’s sit down to review your current plan and discuss various ways it may be enhanced by working with our team of experts.