When hiring an advisor or team of advisors to look out for your best interest and help you grow and maintain your net worth, it is important that you see the value in what you are paying for.

Important factors that you must consider when making a decision on hiring a trusted professional to look after your hard earned money are making sure they have the right credentials, experience, and communication skills.

At LK Wealth Management, our team consisting of Konrad Kopacz as a Portfolio Manager and Justin Lim as an Investment and Insurance Advisor and Merriel Dean as an Investment Associate are here to help you with planning out your financial future and customizing a plan that is personal to you.

Our Commitment to Providing Value

As part of your all-inclusive account fee, we are pleased to offer you a wide range of investment and wealth management services.

Family and Personal Wealth Management Services

  • Learning what is important to you and clearly explaining our process and philosophy
  • Review all information and documentation (wills, trusts, corporate structures, insurance, financial accounts and investments)
  • Clarify and define goals and objectives as well as potential obstacles along the way
  • Establish your needs for tax, estate, insurance* and advanced financial planning strategies (trusts, corporate structures)
  • Collaborate with your existing professional advisors, such as lawyers and accountants, to integrate your investment plans
  • Build a financial plan that encompasses the key aspects of your life and provides a clear roadmap to achieving your goals
  • Financial Snapshot Wealth Management Report
  • Will and estate consulting*
  • Insurance-based wealth enhancement assessment
  • Business succession planning
  • Family wealth management
  • Introduce, as appropriate, a full range of services from our partners
  • Monitor progress and update financial plan accordingly
  • All-encompassing financial snapshot report

Investment Portfolio Solutions

  • Determine your tolerance for risk and market fluctuation
  • Develop your individual Investment Policy Statement
  • Build customized investment portfolios
  • Provide portfolio managed solutions
  • Provide research, commentary and information on specific holdings, markets or economies
  • Proprietary and third-party investment products, including exchange traded funds, mutual funds and portfolio services
  • Global and North American equities, including stocks, preferred shares, private placements and more
  • Access to the entire streets inventory of fixed-income and money market instruments, including T-bills, GICs, government bonds and corporate bonds
  • Capacity to access flow-thru shares and structured notes.
  • Ability to purchase and delivery of physical commodities (gold, silver, platinum, etc…)
  • Access to new issues and private placements
  • Ongoing personal advice
  • Buy/sell recommendations
  • Scheduled portfolio reviews
  • Portfolio monitoring and rebalancing
  • Multi-currency, non-registered account functionality
  • Automatic contributions and withdrawals, if needed
  • Automatic mutual fund purchase or redemption plans

*Insurance products and services are offered through Chevron Wealth Preservation Inc.

Enhanced Administrative Services

  • Online private client website, providing secure 24/7 account access, real-time quotes, customized watch lists and more
  • Paperless eStatements through our Online private client website to reduce your paperwork and help us help the environment
  • Quarterly account statements (or monthly when there is trading activity in an account)
  • Annual consolidated tax reporting, including dispositions with book costs
  • Quarterly performance reporting
  • Registered estate processing, tax reporting and T3 returns

There are four measurable contributions besides investment returns that advisors bring to their clients based on extensive studies.

  1. Portfolio rebalancing adds 0.30% of value.
  2. Financial planning adds 0.60% of value.
  3. Behavioural coaching adds 1.30% of value.
  4. Managing efficient drawdown of capital adds 0.70% of value

Based on conservative industry research, a good advisor(s) will add approximately 2.90% of added value to your overall financial well-being outside of the market return of your investments.

The Benefits of Financial Planning

The Question: “Yes, I feel confident that my financial affairs are on track.“

Investors with a Plan: 81% are confident

Investors with No Financial Plan: Only 44% are confident.

It does not only pay to have a financial plan, but it also lets you sleep at night knowing your financial affairs are in order and on track.

Unlike dealing with one advisor that is usually a generalist in their field. The best potential of fulfilling your goals and objectives is having a team of advisors that can each specialize in a specific area of helping you plan your future.

At LK Wealth Management, our team works around the clock and is available to you when you need us. No matter what sudden changes impact your life, you can rest assured we are available to guide you through at your convenience.