Every business starts and ends with planning for success. The end product depends on what your goals and objectives are, but here at LK Wealth Management, we help guide you towards making the right decisions for you. There are several areas that you need to put thought to before taking the next step.

We will work hand in hand with you and other business specialists to make sure everyone is on the same page and your long-term objectives are met.

Starting Entrepreneur

  • Will I have any partners? How do I want to pay myself and my employees?
  • Which country do I wish to incorporate in?
  • How do I want the company to be structured?
  • How do I raise capital to fund my venture?

Seasoned Entrepreneur

  • What does my business look like in five years?
  • Are you interested in selling or acquiring stock in your company?
  • Do you understand and agree that in the interest of maximizing shareholder value, your business can be sold to a third party at any time?
  • Do I plan on passing on the business to my children?

These are only some of the questions we help guide you through as a small business owner. Let us help you make the right decision.