2019 Was A Great Year for the Market

January 8, 2020
It was a great year for the market in 2019 after it recovered from a scary end to 2018. The S&P500, which features the majority of the largest publicly traded international companies was up 28.8% in this calendar year. An extremely impressive year, but this was also coming off a very bad year in 2018 when the same index returned -6.59%. In Canada, the S&P/TSX 60, which features 60 of the largest publicly traded companies in Canada returned an impressive 19% but also was following a dismal -11.64% in 2018. If we were to look at the same markets over the past two years they would have had an annualized return on investment of 9.88% and 2.59% respectively. This is very important to look at these returns because if we need to remember the reasons why the market returned such Read more

A Resurgence in November

December 11, 2019
November brought a resurgence in the market, but not without flaws and some cracks in the armor as the longest bull market in history continues to grind higher. Let’s dive into the main drivers of this market.

The main driver pushing the market higher in the cooperation from the US Federal Reserve. They have cut twice this year and have given the tone that they will continue to monitor the economic data and will continue to cut if need be. This is much different than the rhetoric last year when they had a steady rate increase plan for the foreseeable future.

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The Recovery Continues…

March 8, 2019

The market continued its recovery from the Christmas Eve lows as Jerome Powell has reinforced the fact that Federal Reserve will become more patient on raising rates. This along with the progression of US and China trade talks, the market has rallied to recoup some of the losses from the end of last year. In hindsight, that drop appears to be an emotional overreaction for issues that we’re still in the process of reaching a conclusion.

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Market Review for Apr 2016

May 3, 2016

Market Review for April 2016

Materials Sector Leads April Charge

April was a very active month for the markets, with last month’s rally continuing until last Friday. Gold and silver made new 52-week highs, oil crossed above the $45 per barrel mark, and briefly the Canadian dollar crossed the $0.80 versus the US dollar. As it has been since January 1st, the commodity space has been the story so far in 2016 and by all accounts should remain a focused theme for our markets, due to its enormous contribution towards the valuation of our currency.