Finance Blog 1: Stop Investmentism!

August 31, 2016

Stop Investmentism!

There are many bad “isms” in the world.  Racism, categorizing individuals into one common stereo type because of their race.  Sexism, prejudging a person solely based on their sex.  Ageism, assuming that someone because of their age will act as others of the same age. In the investment world, it is no different, “investment-ism” cases go unnoticed and unreported every day and without the ability to speak, individual investments get boxed into their investment category misunderstood and ill-treated.  This growing epidemic of investment-ism must stop.

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Market Review for July 2016

August 8, 2016

Market Review for July 2016

Goodbye BREXIT, hello record highs!

July had the potential of being a negative month as per what transpired in the UK in the previous month. Instead, it was a very good month overall for the markets and it also provided a great indicator that investor’s risk appetite has returned with technology being the most improved sector on both sides of the border.

The UK announced that it has cut rates to 0.25%, in addition to a stimulus package to help reduce the possibility of a future recession. The European Central Bank “ECB” decided to hold its rates steady and indicated that they will wait until September’s economic numbers before deciding on any action. Japan provided a plan for additional stimulus, but it did not meet the size that investors have hoped for. Lastly, the US Federal Reserve made not changes but did reinforce that a 2016 rate hike is still on the table. A strong jobs report would help its claim to raise rates.